Payroll Services

Payroll Services

We offers easy and efficient payroll, payroll and human resource management services. With our platform, you can process payroll, track hours worked, schedule payroll, manage health insurance, and much more.

Our platform is designed to help you easily track labor costs and increase operational efficiency at a low cost.

SPC is the perfect solution for all your payroll needs. With our intuitive and easy-to-use platform, you can quickly manage your payroll process stress-free. We also provide customer service to assist you with any issues that may occur. Use SPC for a faster and more efficient payroll process!

Frequently Asked Questions

Payroll is the process of paying salaries and wages to employees working in an organization. This process involves collecting data about hours worked, taxes, and processing the information to calculate the amount to be paid to each employee.

This process involves gathering data about work hours, taxes, and more, then calculating the amount to be paid to employees. After that, payroll send payslips to employees (digitally). This process also involves sending information to the government about taxes owed by companies.

Payroll consists of salaries, bonuses, benefits, taxes and deductions.

Payroll process usually takes between one to two weeks, depends on the cut off & timeline for each project.