PT Sinergi Performa Cipta

Consulting and Strategic Channel Partner

We bridge Businesses that need to Reach Out,
Acquire, and Grow in Indonesia

Full Performance
Driven Combined with
Extensive Network by
Industry Experts.
Thousands pre-vetted freelancers at hand, we're ready helping companies to achieve 10x moonshot. SPC Group is founded by industry experts who enjoy their previous tenure in companies like Google, Facebook, Oracle, OVO, P&G, J&J, Danone, and more.
Executing your business expansion strategy

We provides pre-vetted sales force teams and to expand your business by acquiring offline store and merchant to become business partners.

Activation and
Maximize your business reach

We can help you plan and execute offline events or community activities to assist your marketing activities optimization in boosting engagement and loyalty.

Tried and true tools and operational methods for your team

Our Workforce Management Suite consists of Attendance Management, Offline Merchant Acquisitions, Wheelers Data Enrichment for financial product collaterals, and Driving Mobile App Engagement.

Training & Event

Upgrade your team

We take the human resource development seriously. Our mentors and experts are the street smart as they live and breathe the pointers and pitfalls in the fields.

1500+ Workers

Offline Merchants and Stores Acquired

26 cities across Indonesia

Corporate Information

SPC Group operates in 26 cities in Indonesia,
and we’re so ready to help your business.

(1)Medan, (2)Palembang, (3)Jakarta, (4)Bandung, (5)Semarang, (6)Yogyakarta, (7)Solo, (8)Surabaya, (9)Malang, (10)Denpasar, (11)Mataram, (12)Makasar dan (13)Manado and more...

We hired more than 6.000 field forces on 2019 and have potential quick expansion to 12.000++ workers on 2020.

Who We Are

  • Established in 2010.

  • SPC Group is founded by a professional team by having both Online and Offline experiences. Our founder and core team have well delivered their expertise to several big companies such as Google, facebook, oracle, OVO, P&G, J&J, Danone, Etc.

  • We connect stakeholders and their target market in certain areas, such as E-commerce, Financial Technologies, Logistics, and other Digital Industry.

Why Us

  • Full Performance - Driven. We are helping companies to achieve 10x moonshot by focusing on performance that matter to their business.

  • Extensive Network.We are running on the broadest network across Indonesia. With thousand of freelancers and outsource task-forces, we capable of helping the expansion in any areas of this country.

We Connect
People and Opportunities
Quick Job. Easy Work

Corporate, Retail, FnB, FMCG, Finacial Services, Logistics & Supply Chain, Insurance, Digital Industry and more...


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PT Sinergi Tekno Cipta

Field Team, SPG, Store Staff, Customer Services, Security, Office Boy, Cashier, Promotion Staff, Chef, Bartender, Truck Driver, Warehouse Loader, Surveyor and more...

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